Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Indulge us

2011 has already been filled with joy and sadness, celebration and mourning.  We are walking through new seasons, in several areas of our lives.  My dad has gone to be with Jesus.  And Kelsey, Zach and Charis have just moved to Israel.  Zach will be working on his Masters at Hebrew University in a 2 year program. Can we say that God is teaching us, on several levels, what it means to "let go"?

Before they headed across the pond, we were blessed to spend some wonderful time with the Bohler family.  Mind if we share a few photos?

Poppy and Charis

Mimi and Charis

Aunt Whitney and Uncle Shawn bring a smile to a sweet little face!


The Bohler family, beginning a new chapter of life

Okay, someone tell us that 2 years will go by quickly . . .